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Why is Homeschooling Essential?

about homeschooling Mar 29, 2020

Why is Homeschooling Essential?

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, homeschooling should not be foreign to any of us. It is nothing new to me nor should it be new to any other parent.  Looking for teachable moments in everything we do is essential. Schools have 6 hours a day with our children, and when you factor in how far behind many of our children with special needs are, 6 hours is only drop in the bucket. Without significant help at home our children will exponentially fall further behind.

There is no question that parents who learn the art of homeschooling, in addition to what their children receive from the educational arena, will be the most successful. Please note the words “in addition” not “instead of” are being used. School districts and communities should never be held less responsible, but parents must also understand how vital their role at home will always be.

This is especially true in the coronavirus pandemic. The economy is in disarray and even if the law says services cannot be based upon budgets, we all know they are. As purse strings tighten the impacts will be felt everywhere. Educational services will increasingly be impacted by the economic plunge, and as a result, parents will have to step up to the plate to fill in the gap. Like it or not, our children’s success will become increasingly correlated to the investment we put into them from home.

Pathways is offering life skills tricks and tips videos on our Pathways Include ME! Facebook. We are also posting anything we find that may help you. We are encouraging you to do the same to help others on the Facebook page! It is a place to learn, share, and ask questions alongside other parents. Many of us are not certified teachers, but you don’t need a title or certification to teach. We are role models for our children, and we teach them daily whether we realize it or not. The more intentional you become at teaching your child the greater impact you will have!

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