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Get Support You and Your Child Need!

get support Mar 22, 2020

Get Support You and Your Child Need!

The coronavirus has consumed our lives. Most of us are at home on lockdown and isolated due to mandatory social distancing. Fear of what will happen with education, jobs, retirement accounts, and a looming major worldwide recession is enough to leave many of us paralyzed with fear and anxiety. The best thing to do is join together to help each other.

Pathways is here to help in the following ways:

  1. We have set up a dedicated email that you can use to ask questions or get help. We don’t know everything, but we have a vast network of people. If we can find answers to help you, we will. Please email [email protected] for support and questions. We will be doing Facebook LIVEs as needed on Pathways Include ME! Facebook group. All names will be kept confidential for the questions we share. However, your questions could help others and you can get even more input from our community!
  2. Join our Facebook group: “Pathways Include ME!” We will be posting all kinds of practical and helpful things. We feel coming together will help all of us, not only to get through this, but become better as a result of it!
  3. Pathways will be taking things that are shared and be doing FREE webinars on topics that we see are of common concern. Again, announcements will be done through the Pathways Include ME Facebook group so become a member NOW!
  4. I am an avid meditator and feel it does help. Oprah and Depaak have given out a FREE 21 day meditation called: Finding Hope in Uncertain TimesClick here to sign up for it. I took the first day meditation this morning and loved it! You can even do it with your kids!

Pathways is here for you and your family! Let us know how we can support you in this crisis! You are definitely NOT alone! Join our Pathways Include ME Facebook group and let’s begin support each other!

Please also comment below. Share with others things you are doing that can help!


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